John James Living

Home of the Hugo Shelf.


John James Living seeks to provide the home with fresh new ideas, giving it life and making it unique. We aim to make compulsory items around the house elegant and useful whilst adding a special John James touch in the process! Our Hugo shelf optimises our ethos - its stylish, its unique, it matches most homes decor and is absolutely brilliant!

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Unique Design

The Hugo Shelf comes in 4 different colourways: Oak, Walnut, Grey or Black. Its simple, elegant yet incredibly practical. Featuring a whiteboard back and a magnetic underside, this unique shelf will help you keep track of your valuables and remind you to pick up the milk all at the same time!


Strength and Safety

Being mostly used for as a key shelf or organiser, we've tested Hugo's magnets to be able to hold in excess of 5kg's. The steel discs we place internally mean that anything on top of the shelf won't be affect by its strong magnetic pull! Its safe, its strong and its more than just shelf!


Hand Made!

Our Hugo Shelf is all made by hand in England! This gives it the personal touch and also makes sure the quality is top notch as it goes through thorough quality control checks. It was originally built for our office to make sure our keys didn't wander off, but now we want to share Hugo with everyone!